We believe in ‘proper pubs’.


You know when you’ve entered a proper pub. It’s a sense, not a blueprint and it differs from location to location because it reflects both the needs of its regulars and the personality of its owner.


We’re always welcoming.


Whether you’ve just popped in for a visit while passing through or you’re a regular each week, we’ll make you feel welcome and at home, always having time for a friendly chat. Children and dogs are welcome, because they’re part of the family.


We’re proud to serve real ale. 


That’s what we do. Real Ale has soul, character and personality and it’ll always be the headline of our range of drinks. We also offer real cider, wines and spirits. We stock lager, but not the mainstream brands.


We’ll involve the local community at every step of the way.


We’ll create local employment opportunities. We’ll offer events that reflect the local community, never imposing an idea but responding to what’s wanted or needed in the area. We’ll always listen and we’ll never be afraid to admit it if we get it wrong. If we get it wrong, we’ll put things right.


About Lincoln Green.


Lincoln Green Brewing Company began brewing in May 2012, introducing a new range of traditional ales brewed with pride in Hucknall, Nottingham. We take our name from the colour of the dyed woollen cloth associated with the Nottinghamshire legend of Robin Hood.


We're passionate about real ale and produce four core beers -


Marion (Pale Ale 3.8%)

Hood (Best Bitter 4.2%)

Archer (American Pale Ale 4.0%)

Tuck (Porter 4.7%)


Seasonal ales and occasional specials compliment the core range.


Lincoln Green Public House Company Limited has been established to support our plans to open up to five outlets over the next five years. The pubs will reflect our philosophy of 'proper pubs'.




Our public house company began in 2014 with the opening of The Robin Hood (AND) Little John in Arnold.

A previously closed, unloved and tired building, The Robin Hood (AND) Little John was refurbished in a joint project between Everard's Brewery in Leicester and Lincoln Green.

Our vision for the pub was based upon childhood memories of when pubs were social gathering places for friends old and new. We came across the George Orwell essay written for The Evening Standard in 1946 and were struck by how similar his views were to our own - you can read it for yourself here.

The Robin Hood (AND) Little John has since been joined by a few others - The Sir John Borlase Warren in Canning Circus, Nottingham, The Station Hotel in Hucknall, and The Brickyard in Carlton. All a little bit different from one another, but all reassuringly familiar too.

There are a few things you won't find in a Lincoln Green pub - we don't do gaming machines, pool tables, karaoke or TV. Actually, that's not entirely true; We have a television, but it's hidden away for televised events that bring the entire nation together - like England winning the World Cup! 

We value loyalty and if you sign up to our Loyalty Card scheme, you'll be rewarded with discounts the more you spend with us.

Our food is simple and honest; our pubs aren't 'gastro' and we don't have huge menus. Don't think of knives and forks, but think pizzas, loaded fries and hearty bar snacks that compliment your favourite drinks. 

That leads us to the most important thing of all, our drinks.


Cask ale will always be the headline of what we do - we make it at our own brewery, so we know how to take care of it and make sure it's in the best possible condition. Craft beer rotating guests offer you a range of the more diverse styles that you'd never see in a cask - think DIPA, TIPA, NEIPA, Sour, Gose, and Imperial Stout and you'll not be far wrong. Don't have a clue what any of that means? Our friendly team will help you out.


Beer not your thing? Fear not, we stock premium lagers, not the mainstream brands, draught ciders and Guinness, enough gins to sink a ship and a huge range of whiskies from all over the globe. Like a glass of wine (who doesn't?) - we stock a nice selection of reds, whites, rose and nice bubbly Prosecco.


Whatever your tipple, you're welcome to join us in a relaxed, comfortable environment where that encourages conversation and socialising with friends old and new.  We need old friends to help us grow old and new friends to help us stay young.


And there's not a word yet for old friends who've only just met.